You quote one article that talks about a 4–9 meter rise in oceans over 7 centuries. As you must know we are seeing 15-30 centimeters in a century now. Which means over 7 centuries at most 2 meters. We also have seen that this rate happened BEFORE significant global warming meaning that this rise will happen EVEN IF WE COMPLETELY ELIMINATE ALL GLOBAL WARMING AND EVEN RETURN TO THE TEMPERATURES OF 1880 or wherever you want.
Alarmist science depends on 3 incredibly unlikely things happening that if even one doesn’t happen…
John the TIB

How do you justify your linear predictions of a non-linear system? Do you have a reasonable scientific source that you are using to back up your claims John, or are you just doing math that conveniently supports your argument with no basis in scientific study? I’m skeptical of your claims because you make sweeping generalizations without supporting evidence, which casts doubt on your otherwise interesting arguments.

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