Let’s talk about how Meteor enables an incredibly simple setup for using Meteor + Typescript + React.

Why version 1.3+ of Meteor is important is it has brought full support for Ecmascript modules, and first-class NPM package support. This is a huge development, and I now affectionately refer to this as the holy triumvirate of JS web app development. I really didn’t want to fall back to the terrible buzzphrase of “Javascript Fatigue”, but this is really is one of the things Meteor excels at solving.

The Old Way — Boilerplate

First, let’s look at a baseline setup for Typescript + React when you aren’t

I finally got around to (properly) learning how to write and publish a Node.js package.


I chose to write one around the Opensecrets.org API. I have plans to turn this Node package into a Meteor smart-package, making it reactive and usable from within Meteor, ultimately allowing me to write a basic app around the data. Funnily enough, I searched NPM for a package which existed already for this and found nothing. Why? I searched for open secrets instead of opensecrets. The former returns a massive listing of results around opening things… naturally. The latter finds 3 pre-existing libraries for…

Brady Whitten

Web engineer @ Adobe. Upstate NY -> SF

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