Here are the Five principles of Total Quality Management apply in my Real-life

1- Use 5-S principle to clean and organize my room
5-S (Methodology)
Before Situation

Daily room cleaning is one of the things like most guys I also hate it. I have create a great mess in my room for daily activities like playing games, throwing clothes, leaves food crockery at my study table. The most important when usually I get to start my studies everything on the bed as well as on the study table looks fishy. The same sort of situation belongs to my wardrobe where all the clothes laying on the wardrobe base not hanging at all. There is a need to apply 5-S to get the things sort out, so I apply this firstly in my own room.

Before apply 5-S
After Situation

When TQM course starts and when I study 5S so I start thinking it to apply in my daily life. At the time of applying this technique I saw my room unorganised. Once I starts apply the room items are clean, in my wardrobe all clothes hang properly and I didn’t waste my time to select it what to wear. I put everything in order since then plenty of room got orderliness and saves my time too.

After apply 5-S

I believe one of the best ways to approach management process is with 5S principles. Not seasonal cleaning but on daily basis a room needs to be cleaned. What I get is a recipe for a successful small-scale cleaning process.

2- Lean Concept (Eliminating waste)

The concept of lean helps us in our daily life from wake up till sleep as I found this more interesting too. Wasting of time is a matter of everyone, so in order to reduce it, I want to share a relevant example that illustrates the concept of lean.

Lean(Eliminating Waste)

I live in an apartment where I use elevator that works on lean principle to provide facility to passengers and saves their time.

I applied lean as a solution if I forgot the link of any particular blog or website so I just bookmark it on my browser. It helps me to get to the actual site quickly. This saves my time too and even I check the updates even I forget the correct URL.

Also, another thing that I have done and found as an example of lean is when I usually go to purchase monthly grocery I make list with the items that i buy in the order of the aisles of the department store. That way, I start at one end and make my way to the other end and not have to turn back for the things that I forgot to pick. At first time I take all the thing I want as it also cuts down on the impulse buying.

3- Re-engineering in Life

Our world is changing globally as the technology enhance with the passage of time. The time periods we are facing now have many facilities like smart phones and social networking sites especially when it comes on the smart phones. These technology indicators reduced physical activity and human effort and also causes diseases like hypertension and obesity are its consequences. The loss of these steps is important in terms of health. If we re-engineering the process, it take some amount of walking in terms of withdraw money from the bank.

re-engineering in life

If we look at this whole scenario and put it in a day and re-engineer these days in our life, it brings fruitful results. Re-engineering helps us in many ways, for doing this procedure we must do some work manually as exercise , read something interesting or spend some times with the loved ones

4- PDCA (Continuous Improvement)

This cycle is part of my daily life since I am very young; even though I wasn’t even aware there was a tool like this. It works like this:

PDCA Cycle

Life is so unpredictable I was always thinking that I will do something not only for my-self but for my parent’s too after completion of the studies. One day i met with an accident, by the grace of God, no severe injury received by me. Just minor scratches on the hand all i got, that is the day i heard about PDCA cycle in my TQM course and at first glance it sounds interesting too.

Plan: I update my resume and planned to drop as soon as possible to seek a job. After a day, from my fellows i came to know the procedure of registering your self for the job on behalf of the university. Process is done and finally register my name in students representative council. Time always taught me a lesson that keep the key of your decisions and don’t let them open by anyone else, as there senior students too who are not in favour of helping me. Being a university student, giving tuition's and doing MBA program in morning are not enough for me as i want to use my potentialities. For this reason i intend to do a job and Alhamdulillah! i got success in that matter too.

Do: After registration process, it took two days that i heard through my cell phone notification that team of Bank-Al-Habib will come to our university for recruitment and test. Finally the day arrives as I went at venue and attempt it without any fear of failure or success. The test consists of General-knowledge, Banking, Mathematics and economics sections and it make me happy to attempt it. With two hours of completion finally i finished it and got success. On the very same evening i received a call from HR department, they informed me of my selection call for an interview. Really it was beyond my expectation and that is the day proves me as a multi-tasking person too. Urgency and importance are defined in my mind based on the Pareto Principle (another quality tool), I try to perform first the 20% of the activities that will solve 80% of my problems.

Do what is important

Check: However, I realised too late that, to my horror, I had made two typos in my application, which I assumed would count me out. I’m normally conscientious and was angry myself for sabotaging an amazing opportunity, so I almost fell over when I learned I’d actually been shortlisted. Also i did complete my research work to get to know the basic information about the organization and prepare myself for the next stage.

Act: Getting an interview was a welcome surprise. I had the fairly unusual combination of skills and experience they wanted. I went HBL for interview they observe us with many ways I keep that think in my mind I am here for experience no matter if I get rejected I will learn.After two days received an email that was so surprising to me, then got call from HBL for an interview. Now that was the moment for myself, family and teachers that I got selected from among 120 students they select 7 students including me. The post which i applied is OG-III but after completion of the interview they offered me the post of Gazette officer II

That was the memorable experience of life and now the challenge is being double because I had to manage both the things i.e studies- the primary source of learning and my job- secondary source where i apply my learning. Being a single and only son, my family is conscious and confuse about me that how can I manage both. But will try my best to produce exceptional result Insha’Allah! The PDCA is a tool that intrinsically accepts that there will always be things to improve


I put leadership as my fifth quality principle as it enhance the quality skills in my personality and fulfil the purpose of leading the task. To complete aur TQM major project, My-self and rest of the group members decided to apply cost of poor quality (COPQ) in an organization and choose me as their leader of the final project. Although it was a big responsibility but no matter I had to accept it and do well in every sort of situation. In the beginning of assignment many conflicts arise among my whole group members.

Good Leadership leads to success

And day by day I realize the time is wasting we all don’t want to work together. So being a group leader and top management it is my responsibility to reduce lean from my project as well from my group performance. I start assigning and giving task to all members and start putting my energy in the project as much I can. As I realize a communication gap is bridged When we started working together it leads to all quality aspects and all members are working with quality. To achieve zero detect and make our presentation attractive and worthy. I make some quality standards for work in project. Six sigma leadership, Poka-Yoke, Lean and flow charts however all these I apply on it, before the deadline. I make my own deadline for group members to submit their work so we can Identify the mistakes and to rectify those ones. FAILURE IS FIRST STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS. I use technique to eliminate the defect.

Learning from this course!

Goal of my life is not just only to improve my academic performance but to increase motivation in my personality and produce pride and satisfaction in my performance. This is the strategy of life to increase self-confidence.

Target is to achieve excellence in my life.

The course Total Quality Management it self gives me a concept of achieving a quality life- in order to achieve here are some of my personal points which guides you all…

Be accurate
Set the priorities
Keep goals high
Have faith on God !

The course over all a worth-while… Thank You Mr. Syed Abdul Basit for providing me such an opportunity to express my ideas and thoughts about the course (TQM) without your dedication it is not possible for me to write the whole scenario.

That’s all from my side…

Prepared by Wahaj Ahmed, student of MBA from BAHRIA UNIVERSITY KARACHI …