The Most Interesting Man in the World

In this ad, Dos Equis is trying to sell their beverage. They use the most interesting man in the world as their model and use funny sayings to get a laugh out of the reader or watcher. They use many appeals to sell their advertisements to the consumers. They always put the most interesting man in the world right next to young, attractive women so that the ad gets some more attention. They also use need for affiliation in their ads because you want to be like him and do what he does because he is the “cool old dude”.

In the Dos Equis ads, they all have the older man with younger women. They all follow essentially the same format with the exception that they change up the jokes. Dos Equis is one of the only beverage company ads that I can remember because they are humorous and are all the same format but you always wonder what the joke will be next. They also use the need for affiliation to sell their product. You see the man with women all around him and they want you to think that you can be like him if you buy the beverages. They also use visual strategies to their advantage. The first thing you see when you see the ad is the man. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know who he is and you know its Dos Equis. That is the ultimate success of advertisements. When you can show something and people know exactly what your product is means you have a great ad. They use all these techniques very effectively and that is why these ads are so memorable.

Dos Equis target audience is middle aged men of all social classes. They are trying to advertise these ads to these men because those are really the only demographic that is worth it. That middle age has the most people who would consume their products. Also, if I had to guess, more men would consume their beverage than women. They use the older man in their ads and portray him as a cool dude. They want to make these men think they want to be like the Most Interesting Man in the World. I think their ads are very effective because you know right away when you see the man that it is Dos Equis. The use humor in their ads that make you remember them. The sayings are always witty and make you laugh when you hear them. Dos Equis ads are very recognizable and are very effective.

The impact of the messages in the Dos Equis is that if you buy their products you will be like the most interesting man in the world. Also, these ads are very recognizable. People will recite them and even make their own slogans to the themes. The Dos Equis ads have a lasting impression on millions of people.

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