Hey Durham… Let’s have a Ruby Conference

Durham, North Carolina has come a long way in a short amount of time. The American Tobacco Historic District will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this coming September. Local co-working space, American Underground was recently named one of the Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hubs. Hollywood and entertainers alike have found Durham to be a popular destination.

Call for ideas

Planning a conference is no small undertaking. It takes a lot of help from a lot of different people with a lot of specialties. We will holding a kickoff meeting to gather ideas soon. Anyone interested in helping should follow @BullCityRuby to stay informed about upcoming planning meetings. Feel free to tweet at us with ideas as well. Spread the word! You can also email us at info@bullcityruby.org.

Lets be affordable

It’d be awesome if we could pay for everything through sponsorships, but keeping the conference ticket under $50 would be ideal.

Reasons to have it in Durham

Possible Venues

With the two American Underground locations, local startups in Diamond View buildings, and Bay 7 in the American Tobacco District, there are lots of possible spots we should look at.

Durham Bulls Athletic Park

A Bulls game would make for a great and inexpensive outing to have one night of the conference.


Durham has no shortage of amazing local fare. Fullsteam and Bull City Burger and Brewery would make for great afternoon hangouts.


The Durham Marriott City Center is close and the new 134 room Aloft that is being build next to the DPAC is projected to open in May 2015.

Lets do this!

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