Noosphere Engineering School, Founded by Max Polyakov, Expands its Borders

Rachel Bricks
Feb 15, 2018 · 3 min read
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Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via Facebook

In 2014, Max Polyakov, in cooperation with Ukrainian universities, founded the Noosphere Engineering School. The main goal of the project is the interaction between the students of the school and experts in various scientific and technical fields to share knowledge, as well as create and implement their innovative ideas. The school is not in its fourth year and is continuing to develop and expand its boundaries.

What’s new in the Noosphere Engineering School?

Special laboratories have been set up with in the school as sites for conducting experimental research, and scientific and technical experiments. In each of these laboratories, students are trained in specializations initiated by Max Polyakov, for example JS — HotCode, Microcontroller devices, and Level Design with Unreal Engine 4.

Labs in various universities in Dnipro, Kiev, Rivne, and Cherkasy are now open:

  • Laboratory of robotics and electronics
  • Laboratory of developing games
  • Laboratory of problems of creating IT-systems
  • Laboratory of space research and technology
  • Laboratory of effective nature management
  • Space Engineering School’s laboratories

2017 marked the opening of the space direction of the school — Noosphere Space Engineering School. This initiative belongs to the main supporter of space projects, as well as the founder and manager of EOS, FireFly and Space Systems Engineering, Max Polyakov. The purpose of creating the Space Engineering School was the design of suborbital rockets and small satellites, such as CanSats and CubeSats.

Within the framework of the Space Engineering School there are already several labs:

  • Laboratory of Optimal Design
  • Laboratory of Manufacturing Technology
  • Laboratory of Non Destructive Testing

Also in December, the Noosphere Engineering School hosted a student tournament in space design, Star Track. Five winning teams were announced in three categories and received cash prizes for the further development of their projects. According to Max Polyakov, such events will revive interest in the younger generation in the space industry and be an impetus to its development in the future.

In total, the Noosphere Engineering School has conducted 5 innovative tournaments over the past year, opened laboratories in 4 new universities, implemented 5 new training programs, developed 15 advanced projects, and attracted over 3,000 guests to its events.

Implemented ideas

The Noosphere Engineering School is not just a project, it’s a unique platform that allows students to learn how to program and create actual devices. The school has already implemented many initiatives.

One of these initiatives was ArtOS, an artillery targeting and firing control system. The system significantly reduces the time required to target and fire artillery batteries while reducing chances of human error in the calculations. Created within the walls of the Noosphere Engineering School, founded by Max Polyakov, ArtOS has already become a stand-alone project.

Another idea that has proven very successful is the mobile app, My Police. The service was created to facilitate communication between police and citizens and has already been launched in five regions of Ukraine, reducing crime and saving lives.

Another interesting project developed by students of the Engineering School is the Copter Race Timer. This is a system that times aerial drones and is currently being integrated with eNavigator, another Noosphere application, for scoring at tournaments. eNavigator is a tool for managing sporting events and for automating scoring. It was created at one of the innovation tournaments by Association Noosphere, organized jointly with FAI, when Max Polyakov was recently recognized as a Companion of Honour. Copter Race Timer has already been successfully tested at the World Games 2017 in aerial sports.

These are just a few of the projects implemented through the Noosphere Engineering School. Many ideas have already been put into practice at the initiative of Max Polyakov, a even more are under development. With countless numbers of new projects in IT and space waiting for someone to take them on, we can only hope that the Noosphere Engineering School will see more people get involved. It seems that the sky may no longer be the limit!

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