How to build a Motivational Quote App in NEAR

  1. You’ve installed Node.js ≥ 12
  2. You’ve created a NEAR account first. If you don't have one navigate to and click on “Create Account” and follow the prompts.
  1. Fork this repository, this will make a copy of this project in your own GitHub account.
  2. Clone the GitHub repository with the following command (this will copy the project files from GitHub to your computer):git clone

Exploring The Code

  1. set_greeting: accepts a message, such as “Hello”, and records it for the user (account_id)
  2. get_greeting: accepts an account_id and returns the quote saved for it.


Step 0: Install near-cli

npm install --global near-cli

Step 1: Create an account for the contract

  1. Authorize NEAR CLI using the following command: near login
  2. Create a subaccount by typing: near create-account guessing-game.YOUR-NAME.testnet — masterAccount YOUR-NAME.testnet
    Make sure to replace YOUR-NAME below with your actual account name. You should get similar results to the following image.

Step 2: set contract name

const CONTRACT_NAME = process.env.CONTRACT_NAME || 'new-awesome-project.YOUR-NAME.testnet'

Step 3: deploy!

npm run deploy
  1. builds & deploys smart contract to NEAR TestNet
  2. builds & deploys frontend code to GitHub using gh-pages. This will only work if the project already has a repository set up on GitHub. You should get similar logs as the image below.






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