When You’re in an Interracial Relationship and You See Someone Who May Be the Same Ethnicity As Your Significant Other and You Think About Asking Them Where They’re From

Here in Spain when I’m at a shop and I think the person helping me is Dominican I feel like asking them if they are. Likely they would ask me how could I tell? Then I would tell them cause my girlfriend is Dominican.

Then I remember all those times white dudes I didn’t know struck up conversations with me like, “Hey, are you Korean? You know how I could tell? My girl is Korean.” And how I never knew how to respond to that. Good for you? Awesome bro?

And because of that I don’t ask. But then I think maybe it’s different cause we’re both people of color. And I also wonder if people of color with white significant others have similar conversations with white people. “Hey, are you Finnish? You know how I could tell?”

And then I wonder why I want to ask in the first place.