Change is Beautiful

Change is an inevitability of life. We all experience change to varying degrees, whether it is voluntary or not. Life experiences have shown me that change is something to be embraced, rather than be feared.

Following a concussion in 2013, my life changed in more ways than I could have ever imagined. During the early days of my recovery, when I struggled to read, watch TV or use computers, I discovered that I could paint. A completely fortuitous discovery, born out of the unique convergence of circumstances that I lived with at the time: not being able to do much and desperate for something to do, the more dominant reasoning analytical processing left-side of my brain impacted, allowed for my more creative right-side to shine. Art continues to be the most effective tool to allow me to make sense of the mysteries in my brain.

I am beyond thrilled for the opportunity to participate in The Brain Project, an outdoor art installation bringing together brain health, art and inspiration, as I cannot imagine a more fitting way to share my story of transformation and the beauty inherent in change.

Change is Beautiful is an artistic rendering of my brain. My brain is constantly forming new connections and neural pathways, creating a myriad of new possibilities. Even in the face of unexpected changes, my brain is resilient, always shining bright. Throughout, illustrations are subtly etched on their respective lobes representing what was lost and what was gained as a result of my injury.

This sculpture is currently on display at Toronto’s Union Station until August 31, 2017 and viewable online at: Like what you see? Cast your vote using the above link!

100 brains will be exhibited at Yorkdale in the Fall. Please check out some of these inspiring pieces, start a conversation on brain health and help de-stigmatize brain disease.

All of the brains will go up for sale in support of Baycrest for care, research and education into dementia and brain health. If buying a larger-than-life size sculpture of the human brain isn’t your jam (I understand not everyone shares my obsession with the brain), but would still like to support the cause, you can contribute directly at

Please let me know (click here) if you make a donation to The Brain Project, so that I can give you a piece of my brain (a collection of picture postcards of Change is Beautiful) as a token of my appreciation. Visit to learn more.

Picture postcards!