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Scalability is what makes a business worthwhile. An effective and scalable business can serve, and add value to not just thousands but to millions.

Moyn Islam, along with his brothers Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam, has built a scalable business model to support entrepreneurs with limited resources be successful and live the life of their dreams. The idea is to allow entrepreneurs to scale at a sustainable rate with proven tactics. They took care of the following:


An efficient team is important for a business to thrive. In fact, empowering staff with decision-making and leadership qualities is much essential for a rapid growth trajectory. The brothers believe in this strongly and hence have experts for each business function. …

Digital Wallet as the Future of Making Payment

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In this mobile-dominated era, digital wallets have evolved as a robust online payment solution. Most of the businesses have adopted digital wallets to offer more convenience and comfort to their customers. The increasing number of smartphone users worldwide has allowed enterprises to make most of the digital wallets and serve their customers as and when they want.

My brothers Monir Islam, Ehsaan Islam, and I play a significant role in creating unique multiple online solutions where people can work under one place using their smartphones. I believe that digital payment solutions are the call of this new age of digital technology. As compared to physical wallets, the digital wallet may remain quite handy for the people for obvious reasons as it allows them to refrain from carrying cash or credit cards everywhere. …

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The companies today are undoubtedly sitting on unused goldmine — their important data — and they are also looking forward to utilizing it to transform their businesses by improving decision-making processes, bringing in innovation, enhancing customer experience and also facilitating operational efficiency. BE, the company I co-founded with my brothers Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam, offers AI-based products that have revolutionized the concept of ‘Live and Learn’ using exclusive travel and e-learning platforms.

Well, it is already proven that businesses worldwide are now leveraging machine learning, data science as well as AI to facilitate data-driven decision making, developing new services and products across the enterprises and improving business competitiveness. …


Moyn Islam

Moyn Islam is a thriving entrepreneur, immensely passionate networker, successful innovator, fearless thought leader and a motivational speaker.