Entrepreneur’s Must-Have Traits to Begin Again

Moyn Islam
Jun 22 · 3 min read


“In every entrepreneur’s journey, there will come a time when they believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. Trust this instinct to push through the hurdles of fear and failure. I did, and that’s what helped me sustain success.”

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Moyn Islam, Monir Islam, and Ehsaan B. Islam, Global Launch Convention, Costa Rica

Not many have the grit and willpower to carry on when faced by constant hindrances because sometimes giving up is more comfortable than facing the looming miseries. Every person that starts their journey in the entrepreneurial world comes in with a ‘Never give up’ attitude, but not many adapt to another important attribute, that is to ‘begin again’. Even at the face of adversaries, an entrepreneur needs to begin again. It may sound conventional, but the more you hear and read about success stories, you’ll come to realize, those stories hold a truth that can be useful.

Because let’s get honest, we need all the help there is when journeying into the ruthless realm of entrepreneurship. Here are my leanings and five crucial traits that I had to develop in order to succeed.

Get Creative

Be Tenacious

Appreciate Often

Stay Spirited

Risk It, Again

Master these traits, and I say you’re ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge in your life.

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