To Make Real Money, The Podcast Industry Needs to Stop Calling Them Podcasts
Hunter Walk

I agree with these 100%. I have a podcast and i’ve learned over the last 6 months of producing content that the podcast definition probably needs to change. We refer to our “casts” as “episodes” however that’s not represented everywhere in our brand.

We’re currently working on ways to transition this “podcast” into something else so people will accept it for more than just a free thing on the market and like the comment below suggested, away from something considered “geeky” in the minds of many.

A subscription-based model is definitely something we’ve been toying with. We want to make the podcast one piece of a larger “membership” where the community can donate money to keep it going and to help us produce better content more frequently. I also believe having an interactive, transparent community will help to make that happen. For example, getting the community involved more in shaping the content we produce and being open with them about what we’re doing and where we’re going as much as possible.

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