What is this Patreon thing anyway?

Why By Association is asking you to pledge.

Hi, I’m James Parkinson, host and producer of By Association. In November 2016 I launched a crowdfunding campaign for the podcast through Patreon. The initial response has been positive and the listeners that have pledged so far are incredibly passionate about the show.

But many people are unfamiliar with Patreon and it can be an overload of information. So here’s a clear and straightforward breakdown of what Patreon is, how it works and why I’m asking you to pledge in the first place. And what you get out of it!

What is Patreon?

Why I’m asking you for money

Ever wondered why NPR, Gimlet or ESPN podcasts sound so amazing? Many listeners may not realise it, but narrative audio takes a lot of work to make. A lot of time and yes, money certainly helps. They have whole teams of people working on just one show. They also spend weeks and months working on just one episode. And they have a production budget.

When it comes to producing By Association, I work alone, for free and with zero budget. It’s funded almost entirely out of my own pocket and each episode can take anywhere between 30–40 hours to produce — and often more.

From start to finish, each episode involves: research, planning, interviewing, transcribing, writing scripts, editing, mixing, mastering, distribution and promotion. It’s not always a smooth process either, no creative work ever is. There’s a reason I only release an episode once a month. It’s the most I can realistically commit to a passion project such as this. And even then, it’s still a challenge.

And of course, podcasts are free. Even if I could charge for episodes directly, very few would be willing to make that purchase.

What your money is used for

Your pledges contribute to ongoing production costs. This includes:

  • Podcast hosting
  • Website hosting
  • Pro Tools subscription (audio editing software)
  • Production music
  • Sound effects
  • Skype credit (for conducting phone interviews)

You will also allow me to dedicate more of my time to producing episodes and reach future goals, like commissioning stories from freelance producers and maybe one day, making the show full time and releasing an episode every two weeks. That’d be awesome, right?

So if you enjoy By Association, appreciate the work I do and want to see the show become bigger and better, please consider pledging your support.

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“ Wait. What’s in it for me? ”

In exchange for your contribution, you will receive some rewards based on the support level you choose (all pledges are in US dollars):

Bonus Content | $1 or more per month

You’ll get early previews of upcoming episodes each month before they’re released, via the Patron-only feed. This may include short audio clips, script samples, and other behind-the-scenes insights into the production process. Plus, a patron-only Google Hangout with me and your fellow listeners once a month.

Slack Community | $5 or more per month

In addition to bonus content, you’ll also receive an invitation to a private Slack community — a messaging app where you can discuss the show and talk football directly with me and your fellow Patrons.

T-Shirt | $10 or more per month

In addition to bonus content and a Slack invite, you’ll also receive a special By Association inspired t-shirt (design to be confirmed).

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