What if we start knowing it

Pleased to meet you: my heart!

We all have noticed there is something that makes a deep sound inside our chest. We know as a fact it’s important thanks to that geek teacher with big glasses back in school.

But let’s remember some interesting facts that define the importance of it, besides the great significance that we had provided to it (thanks to marketing) because of Valentines Day.

  • Its a muscle
  • It beats 80 times per minute normally when you are an adult.
  • When we have just 4 weeks inside the womb it beats faster. It can beat even 160 times per minute.
  • It pumps blood to all our body and organs.
  • There are four types of blood A, B, AB and O.
  • The “positive” or “negative” last name defines RhD status

Ok now let’s see… why have we related this muscle to love? Well, Egyptians belived that the heart was the source of the soul, memory, emotions and even personality. Also Aristotle said that the heart was the source of intelligence, motion and sensation. He even confirmed that the brain and lungs existed to cool the heart; a kind of air conditioner inside our body. Now we know the true but doesn’t stop hurting whe you breakup with someone. Maybe Aristoteles comes back from death and squeezes our heart so that you don’t remember that he was wrong.

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