Full Moon in Taurus — Welcome to the pleasure zone!

This Full Moon arrives in Taurus and leads us straight into Harvest time. Just under six months ago you may have planted seeds to flourish in different areas of your life. If so, now is a good time to reap the rewards. Bask in the glory of what you have created and celebrate or treat yourself in ways that satisfy your senses.

The Full Moon’s placement in Taurus is ruled by Venus. Incidentally, the New Moon on October 13th was in Libra. This sign is also ruled by Venus. Therefore, the Venusian energy coupled with Taurus is a clear signal guiding you towards pleasure seeking experiences.

In my podcast, I walk you through all the twelve houses of the astrological chart, indicating how you may encounter pleasure. Furthermore, I touch on the connection between the Moon, that forms a trine to the Asteroid, Ceres. This aspect suggests how you may relate to nurturing. Whatever you do, enjoy this Full Moon moment.