Mars, Pluto & Mercury Retrograde April 2016 Time to Spring Clean!

Over the next few weeks, five planets and the North Node will be operating in retrograde motion. Essentially, this means that the planetary energies will slow down. Therefore, you have the chance to internalise their potential. This is instead of using the power of the planets in your external world. Consequently, this creates an opportunity for you to absorb the vitality of each planet, for your own development. It’s time to reset your inner compass. So pull on the strengths of this retrograde season to steer you in the right direction.

Today, Mars and Pluto join forces with Jupiter, Saturn and the North Node. And later this month, Mercury completes the cycle. Collectively, they are positioned to help you live more authentically. Retrograde seasons give you an opportunity to disentangle yourself from living a dual identity. This identity comprises of the ‘me’ and ‘not me’ personalities. The former relates to you truly being yourself. The latter is made up of other peoples’ expectations of who you should be. More often than not, you may have accepted these external perceptions. In doing so, you have disconnected from your own self understanding. These retrograde planets act as spiritual keys that can lead you to greater self awareness. If you achieve this, your inner guru is ready to lead your life.

To discover how these planetary placements can unlock your hidden treasure, watch this week’s episode of Soul Stirring Astrology.

Quote of the Week “To know thine self, be true.” William Shakespeare

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