New Moon in Capricorn Jan 2016 — Discover Your Inner Authority

Today’s New Moon in Capricorn is immersed in earthy energy. Plus it’s also supported by the Sun, Pluto and Mercury retrograde, which are in the same sign.

You are being ushered towards a period of introspection to examine instinctual responses related to your parents, childhood environment and authority figures. Through your inner dialogue you may realise that you no longer want to be constricted by other people’s expectations. Consequently, you feel drawn to releasing external perspectives and choosing to embrace and reveal your inner authority.

Pluto’s placement in Capricorn supports this choice because it focuses on eliminating old thoughts, perspectives and ways of being that block your growth. If you follow through on what Pluto requires then you are in the position to integrate more aspects of your authentic character.

Last week, Mercury and Jupiter both turned retrograde in Capricorn and Virgo, respectively. As a result, in their own way, they call upon you to review and analyse your goals, ambitions, overarching life vision and how you may serve others. All of the aspects are pointing towards the key signature namely, finding the courage to be who you really are.

Watch this week’s episode of Soul Stirring Astrology to find out how you can lance the emotional boil to set yourself free!

Quote for the week from Anais Nin.
“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Have a courageous week!

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