Our teams ask us to lead, but often we try for more.

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Every ping of my phone has become a modern-day bat signal. From slack to email, to Zoom reminders and calendar alerts, managers are responding faster than ever to meet the needs of their teams.

So, it’s only natural that we (managers) spend a lot of time thinking about these very people, if for no other reason then we get paid to do it. Paid to ensure the teams we lead are healthy, productive, and filled with both purpose and satisfaction.

And yet for most leaders, getting paid is the last reason we spend our personal and professional time unearthing new…

The Avocado Glow-Up

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I’ve spent more time than I’m proud of subverting my potential — like an underripe avocado with a growing pit. By the time I finished college I was six years behind my peers and desperately hoping to translate my decade in the service industry (picking up old food, managing a dinner rush, and up-selling for tips) into those fit for Corporate America.

To quote American Rapper Logic, “Who can relate?”

So how, in just three short years, did I move from a dining room to a board room? Turns out a little green, goes a long way.

The Three A’s of Avocado


Can we agree…

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Unheard of.

This year has not been a lot of things. In fact, it’s not been the year I hit my financial goals. It’s not been the year I grow my business. It’s not been the year I traveled abroad, slept in, or finally held my tongue.

But with a world that daily feels like one big un-doing, 2020 has subtly changed my life, and this world, forever.

Quarantine Baby — Personal

This year has personally been huge for me. In 2018 my wife and I started the adoption process. After three failed connections and six months of postpartum (and learning…

Why honesty, humor and travel are the unexpected keys to staying sane.

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“You’re going to get a baby quick,” our social worker told us, while walking out the door after completing our home-study. My wife and I looked at each other and smiled, nervously, excitedly, and yes…a little arrogantly. That was 22 months ago.

I’d like to say that during that time we’ve only grown more excited and eager at the thought of adoption, but that bucket has stayed relatively full throughout the process.

Where I’ve seen the most improvement is within our ability to cope with loss, refocus on…

And none of them have to do with your boss.

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I hate relaxing. Doing nothing is one of my greatest challenges. And if you’re anything like me, you will find ways to keep busy, through sickness and in health.

I just don’t want it to seem like I’m not working hard or trying not to do my job.

Have you ever heard this comment from an employee? Or, maybe you’ve silently or verbally uttered these words to yourself or your own boss.

Well the truth is, your ability to rest has nothing to do with your boss, or how hard…

And what one-night stands have to teach us.

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The walk of shame is a sobering act. A moment of pure clarity in which we, for those few steps, that short drive, that time in the shower, are given over to the dispassionate truth of who we are.

And in a world full of feelings, acceptance can be bland.

The Dream

If you’ve ever lied in bed, the sheets draped over your legs and waist, the moonlight illuminating the curve of your spine while he rubs your back gently, the thick coarseness of his hands reminding you of your femininity, every hill and…

5 reasons the service industry is the best kept secret in recruiting.

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After 12 years as a waitress (and a good chunk of that time spent serving too many cocktails in an Irish Pub) I’ve dodged more puke than porcelain; waiting on everyone from families with kids, to frat boys and senior citizens.

And yet a manifold of actionable language isn’t the only skill embedded in this savory demographic. Everything from customer service, to time management and marketing are hidden within your next meal. The art of persuasion, it seems, is a kitchen-tool of the trade.

After six years in retail, I’ve seen servers passed up far too many times for a…

Ever feel like your downline isn’t taking you seriously? Here’s why.

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A manager of mine recently shared their goal’s with me for 2020, one of which was to help certain members of their team become more proactive, meet deadlines, and generally take initiative. Big dreams? Maybe.

All managers share the same goal — we want our downline to be as engaged and excited to complete tasks as we are to delegate. Yet inevitably, someone will miss a deadline, decline in performance, or start to make excuses. …

And other reasons happiness isn’t tied to exhaustion.

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My Current State

I’ve been sitting at my computer for five hours, I have to pee, I spilled my soda (well, sparkling water) and I ran out of food three hours ago. And yet, I push on, spurring myself forward until, cross-eyed and whipped, fingers bloodied and bruised, I carry myself across the threshold of a public bathroom into a stall without a coat hook. Several expletives later I waddle, gear in tow, to the adjoining stall, whip my jacket over the door and try not piss on my jeans. …

Casey Lane

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