Meet the ByDzyne Products

May 8 · 3 min read

To live without limits, it is important to understand that everyone has their own goals, desires, and interests. Each of us is unique, and we demand consumer products that are relevant to our own lives. To celebrate diversity and personalization, ByDzyne has curated an exciting lineup of culture-crafted products in high-demand markets. ByDzyne’s product categories capitalize on trends, both globally and locally, and evolve to meet emerging new trends. This is the company’s development philosophy: to remain relevant to individual desires.

Cutting-Edge and Culture-Crafted

At its core, the recently-launched ByDzyne is inspired by the individual tastes and interests of its customers. This foundational factor influences everything, from its branding to its leadership, product development, and organizational culture. Generic products simply have no place in the development philosophy of the company and its product team. ByDzyne has organized its product line into four broad categories, each equipped with the customization and options desired in today’s fast-paced and highly-individualized world.


We rely on technology in nearly every aspect of our lives. Today’s society is plugged in around the clock, and as consumers, we demand products that help improve our daily lives. Technology ByDzyne is the custom-curated product category that meets those demands. The first product in this ever-growing category is the tůw™ Smartwatch, an innovative personal wearable that was designed from the ground up to enhance our lifestyles. This intelligent personal fitness/wellness tracker features an intuitive touchscreen interface and a high-end stainless steel magnetic band tough enough to withstand the most rugged environments. It boasts over a dozen functions, each configurable to the unique needs of the wearer. Best of all, the tůw™ Smartwatch is Bluetooth-enabled, communicating with the tůw™ App, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

ByDzyne knows that personal wearables and smart devices are the future of our personal interaction with the world. As the company grows, this category will add products to enrich our lives with efficiency, information, and enhanced communication options.


Each of us is unique, right down to our skin. To achieve a youthful appearance and healthy, well-nourished skin, ByDzyne has curated a custom skincare regimen tailored to the specific needs of your skin type. Not satisfied with existing skincare products, ByDzyne set out to upend the beauty market, sourcing organic ingredients and formulations that retain the full therapeutic value inherent in these ingredients. By sourcing all-natural raw materials from sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming operations, the company is able to achieve the highest levels of quality in its skincare products. The skincare products are free from harmful additives and synthetic ingredients. The result of this attention to the company’s product formulation is fresh, healthy, and radiant skin.


In our fast-paced world, it is easy to overlook the factors that keep us healthy. These factors include our nutrition, which can influence our wellbeing. To support healthy lifestyles, ByDzyne curated a range of nutritional products and health supplements, each backed by the latest advances in modern science. The first product in this critical wellness category is ALLUR, a 100% organic whole-plant hemp extract rich in bioactive chemical compounds called cannabinoids. By harnessing the power of a proprietary genetic strain of hemp, high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) were obtained. ALLUR is available in both tincture and topical relief balm formulations. As the company continues to grow, ByDzyne will expand the wellness category with custom-crafted products, all free of harmful additives and synthetic ingredients.


There’s a whole world beyond our borders — a world filled with culture, experiences, and human connections. Many people dream of exploring our world, yet are hampered by the expenses associated with travel. Travel ByDzyne is an exciting travel rewards program that can help you get to your dream destination for less. This exclusive program offers guaranteed lowest pricing on vacation packages, vehicle rentals, hotel accommodations, and so much more — with the goal being that you’ll never pay retail for your travel. Rewards accrue as members access the program, helping you to save for your next world adventure. Best of all, it is easy to join and easy to use — get started today on the travel options of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of traditional booking.

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