Does The SnoreRx Mouthpiece Work For All Snorers?

Most people that snores are always on the lookout in hopes of a long lasting anti-snoring solution. SnoreRx is a new device on the market that promises to combat snoring in a safe and effective way. Many news outlets are considering it to be one of the best anti snoring device to help people who have loud nightly vibrations in their sleep.

It is a product that is created from a durable co-polymer and has been fitted in a manner that it fits in the boil-and-bite method. The SnoreRx device works to pull the lower jaw of a person forward and there have been several cases where this has help to reduce snoring in users dramatically. Jim Fallon developed the product with the help of an FDA consultant who ensured the product was the best and complied with the FDA requirements.

The question now is, are all these claims true? And Will this device really help you to stop or reduce snoring? In this SnoreRx review, we take a closer look at how at this very popular mouthpiece.

How Does This Device Work?

SnoreRX is built in such a way that when a persons fits it inside his/her mouth, it will automatically pull the lower jaw forward. By doing this, it also help to keep the airways open even when the throat is relaxed. Since snoring is always caused when the lower jaw falls back and constricts the airways, the problem is effectively solved.

What Makes This Device Stands Out:

1. It Is Equipped With A Built-In Calibrator

The calibrator allows one to read the amount of jaw adjustment clearly so as to ensure it fits comfortably into their mouth.

2. It Has A Posi-Lock Feature

This anti-snoring device enables one to select a position setting whereby they can lock until a point when one chooses to reset to a new setting. With this lock in place, persons don’t have to worry if the position will change while they are asleep, thus ensuring that the effectiveness of the device will continue throughout the night.

3. Has A Tooth Cushion And Is Thermal Fit

The device is made using a patented copolymer material that cushions a person`s teeth when one is sleeping. Persons who grind their teeth at nights will greatly benefit from this feature.

4. Advanced Design

The advance feature of SnoreRx allows it to custom fit to persons mouth without the need for rubber bands or screws like most other products of this nature does.

5. Post-flow

One feature of this device that stands out is it’s unique flow system which allows full breathing while the device is in place.

6. Complies With The Dental Lab Quality And FDA Requirements

The SnoreRx device is very comfortable compared to other devices as it is made from medical grade materials that doesn’t contain anything that will harm the teeth or gum. SnoreRx has also been given the stamp of approval from the FDA and has since been certified by AMAS (American Academy of Sleep Medicine).

Pros of SnoreRx

  • It very easy to use and also very comfortable
  • It is priced moderately despite its advanced features
  • It comfortably meets the Medicare standards
  • It has a longer lifespan of about 12–15 months
  • With its unique micro-fit and calibration features, it can be adjusted to small increments for the perfect fit.

Cons of SnoreRx

  • After using it for a while, some people may experience some drooling
  • Causes light soreness in the jaw for the first couple of days which is a common reaction to the device but the soreness usually goes away fairly quickly.
  • Unfortunately, people with dentures cannot use this device.


This SnoreRx review above has proven that the anti-snoring device is a good mouthpiece because its pros outweigh its cons. Outside of persons who wear dentures, this device maybe suitable for anyone who is looking for a long term solution. Moreover, its desire to accommodate everyone through its quality features makes it stand out among other anti-snoring devices.

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