About the #ByeDevon Campaign

No more, Devon; No more.

The Harris County community has seen what District Attorney Devon Anderson is about. She signs injunctions that target black people for life. She refuses to do anything about a criminal justice system that punishes the poor. She refuses to speak out about immigration policies that destroy families. And she refuses to hold law enforcement officers accountable when they beat, maim, and kill us.

And we are sick of it.

In the next few months, we will do everything in our power to make sure that, come November, neither Devon nor her Sheriff Ron Hickman will hold office.

We have organized this campaign around three areas — areas that constitute failures on Devon’s part:

1) Gang Injunctions: Devon signed an injunction that targeted black men, making the body of color probable cause for its own arrest. Sorry Devon; this thoughtless approach will no longer be tolerated.

2) Drug policies, pretrial processes, and immigration: Devon endorses a pretrial process that punishes people for being too poor to make the exorbitant bails assigned for nonviolent offenses. She also refuses to use her power to change immigration policy, destroying thousands of families through racial profiling. If you want receipts, we’ll pull them out.

3) Lack of police accountability: in the past 11 years, at least 268 unarmed people have been shot by law enforcement officers in Harris County. 111 of them were killed. And none of the officers were indicted, let alone convicted. Because Devon took office in 2013, many of these deaths happened on her watch. No more, Devon; no more.

Devon pretends to be moving in the right direction while disparaging activists in the movement for black lives. Under her watch, 75% of the inmates at the jail are black and brown. We’re done with her, and will do all we can to ensure that she and her legacy are terminated this November.

And for other pretenders to the office, let us be clear: we are not endorsing anyone. Devon will be gone because she refused to fight for justice; if you do the same, you’ll be next.

We mean what we say, and will do all we can to ensure that justice is a reality in Harris County. See you in November. Or maybe not.