Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey time once again!

We enjoy family and friends. The original concept of being thankful for the bountiful harvest of crops has faded. Today people tend to have gratitude month and talk about what they’re grateful for. Our children for the most part are disconnected from the farms and fields of where our food comes from. They see big stores packed to the ceiling bagged, boxed, and stocked. I've taken time with mine to explain to them why we pray before we eat. I've told them like I was told “Some are going hungry and we have food, that is why we say thanks” “We pray in appreciation of the life which was taken of the plants and animals we eat to sustain our lives” “Many people worked hard to cultivate crops and raise livestock, foul, and the like and for the rain and shine in the proper quantities provided to make it all possible.

Let’s not get caught in the commercial this year. This season can be deep and meaningful. I hope all of you enjoy family, friends, and the bountiful harvest on our feast day of Thanksgiving and on into the Christmas season. It came fast this year and will likely go by quickly as well, I hope we don’t miss it. Think of the hungry and the people who have not this season. Please give where you can if your heart is so moved, and make sure the people you love know you’re grateful for them.

I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Jason

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