On dating men with “potential”

what kind of humans have we become. James, Pete, Marco…: how selfish and personal gratification only to consume/use them for the entertainment or “falling in love” of it before they explode like a shooting star. What about taking them for some volunteering in a homeless shelter at 6am on a Sunday or reaching out to your or their church group, mosque, temple? I’ve seen people live’s transformed in a split of a second, including myself, the moment they had a breakthrough, were exposed to possibilities. There are programs, like coaching, peer networks, which have a proven track record of lifting people out of desperation or worse. But this kind of Ayn Rand’s selfish individualism is destroying our society in the long run. I hope James, Pete, Marc are on a healing path and I would love to have a conversation with them if you can put in touch. This sadly did not help.

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