For China, the risk of relying of natural gas as a transitional fuel is not only environmental, but geopolitical.

Policymakers and activists in the climate policy circle have always been ambivalent about the role of natural gas in the low-carbon transition. In Europe, some countries have argued that natural gas…

Will China “build back better”? The short answer is — we don’t know yet. But we can take some hints from the stimulus measures announced so far.

  • China has increased the local government bond issuance quota by a third YOY to a total of 3.75 billion yuan (USD 530bn). In…

The World Health Organisation has declared red meat and processed meat carcinogenic. Environmental groups have been sounding alarm bells about the devastating impacts of meat production. For the wellbeing of ourselves and the planet, eating less meat seems to be the obvious choice.

But it is hard — vegetarian and…

Byford Tsang

Random scribbles on climate change, ESG, supply chain, energy, EU-China. Analyst @Trucost. Formerly @CIFFChild. Views my own.

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