I wanted to create a digital space for ethical non-monogamy folx, but my self-disclosure came with the trolls

Multiracial couple embracing while watching a sunset.

This past August, I started making resources on Instagram for folks interested in practicing ethical non-monogamy (ENM). The face of polyamory and ENM is overwhelmingly White and typically displays structures that replicate monogamy or coupledom. In this, I wasn’t really represented as a queer Black person who practices solo polyamory…

These tools help me to maintain my focus even when it’s an uphill battle

I was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago, but I probably always knew on some level that this was part of my makeup. After I completed college two semesters late, I attempted to begin my writing career, but I’d find myself spending days trying to write 800-word articles. I missed…

Gabrielle Smith

Brooklyn based poet and essayist. Queer & Afro-Latina. Writing about love, sex, mental illness and intersectionality. // bygabriellesmith.com

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