A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

How in the world is this a polite request? From all these conversations what I get is the following:

- you wanted the name
- asked Azer to give it to you
- he said “no”
- you threatened him
- he said “fuck you” as anyone would do in this situation
- you then tried to bribe him indirectly
- he said go away
- then you played the victim to NPM guys

If you were really respectful and honest, you wouldn’t even bring the trademark bullshit up, may be offer the compensation and if still no budge you’d release your package under a different name like `kik-client` or whatever.

I work at Disqus, there’s already a package named “disqus” at https://www.npmjs.com/package/disqus which we do not own or control and if we wanted an “official” Disqus client there I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t bring lawyers in. If the company did that, I’d question where I was working at.

So please be completely honest with yourselves and accept that you were dicks, caused this mess and say you are sorry, for reals.

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