One year in Amsterdam in gifs

Ik ben Sasha. Ik kom uit Rusland. Ik spreek geen Nederlands. Ik vind Nederland is gezellig.

First 11 days I lived in a hostel, because two days before my flight I realised I almost sent my money to a scam. Living in a hostel is like this:

1 room and 8 people changing every day

97% of Dutch people speak English, but they always start a conversation in Dutch rather that in English

When you enter any (ANY) store outside of the city center and they don’t accept MasterCard or Visa, but only Maestro

Dutch are the tallest nation in the world. At first I thought with my 1,72m I would be looking like this

In the Netherlands pure drinking water comes in every tap. Locals don’t carry water with them all the time, they just bring an empty bottle

On the other hand, I had mixed feelings about food: you can find a lot of national Italian, American, Spanish, Chinese and other restaurants in Amsterdam. Guess which one I couldn’t find? Dutch

I recommend you not to try any “traditional” stuff. Especially “drop”

The weather is all about rains nobody can predict

Dutch people adapt to anything

Public transport is expensive. But Amsterdam is famous not for that

10% of all government spending for land transport goes for improving bicycle transportation.
Everything I like in bicycles is in one gif. I sincerely believe the city infrastructure where all this is possible is a sign of highly civilized and healthy society.

You can easily meet other Russians here. After the first month it became not surprising at all. If I were with internationals when I saw Russians, usually I did like this

Quite often internationals can say one phrase in Russian, that they were taught by other Russians: “na zdorovie”

Europeans often ask me about politics and position on gay people in Russia. Well I was always honest about how they are treated in my homeland.

I’ve learned a few of my international buddies to play Russian game “Svintus”.

It’s just like UNO with cards that have names like “Perekhruk” or “Zakhrapin” nobody can pronounce so they came up with their own names

Just like Russians many international tourists know a lot about Amsterdam, but not much about the Netherlands itself.

At the local Universities on Friday evenings students look like this.
(in Russia you can’t consume alcohol even near the University, the policy is very strict on this and that’s why it was so strange for me)

On my University programme we have an event called Lucky Friday — every last Friday of the month we can drink for free all evening in a bar in the building of a local sport center . With our tutors. Even I went there.

Usually I drink hot chocolate, because it comes with cream and a cookie. I like to eat more than drink.
When you say you are Russian and never drank vodka or any other alcohol.

A little bit about Red Light District. Most of the people go there just to stare. To be honest, I felt mostly uncomfortable. “They” actually look at you and “invite” you. I had goose bumps for real

The way you see them when you come for the first time
The way they look when you come second time


“Oh, you must be having a great time in Amsterdam”

Once I drove to the sea by bike. The North sea. There was a beach and everything but not many people. Because of the wind, you know.

Since May I started looking for an internship (I am not allowed to officially work till I am graduated)

During the interviews I tried to show that I am a versatile and a many-faceted person
Recruiters and manager were nice and polite
And after that I usually got a long letter with a very simple main idea
Even regarding positions where you don’t need any special skills

During this year a few friends came to visit me

“Dude, are we going to Coffeeshop or what?”
“So, found any Dutch girlfriend yet?”
“But you are not one of “these”, are you?..”
“Do you miss anything?”
“Back home forever?!”
“You do understand, you need to actually find a job after graduation to stay?”