Love being a Scrum Master in Techbase/D-nitro

This blog is part of a series of blog posts by me and my team members: Jevon, Pooja, Alex, Anita, and Mattias.

Laís França
2 min readSep 28, 2022


I joined the team recently, I was very welcomed and the team is helping with all information that I need on my onboarding process. I’m so exiting and happy to be part of this team and organization.

Our team

Currently, our team consists of 5 software engineers, the Product Owner, and me. Our squad D-Nitro is a developer productivity and enablement team, that helps 2000 other engineers. Our purpose is value enablement by providing developer productivity services to the KPN organization to accelerate the value delivery of the application teams. We have a goal to accelerate the software development lifecycle for application teams by providing a paved road of practices, ways of working, and tools.

As Scrum Master I have a different perspective of the team, I can see how committed they are, how they love what they do, how they care about others, and how they are edge to help. The team has their agreements and practices, that we are improving together.

The work I do

I’m here to promote a collaborative culture, encourage team members for open discussions, create a good and fun atmosphere, increase team collaboration, lead agile sessions and, together with the team, reach our goals and objectives.

Talking about fun, once a week we have “a fun hour” during this hour we usually play games, have fun, energize our team and brighten our days. Also, we are bringing different ways of funny, like going out, having working lunch outside the office, and celebrating our small achievements.

I believe this time with the team encourages us to be ourselves, respect other’s opinions, commit to our goals, create empathy, and openness to changing our mindset!

We are hiring! If you read the blogs of my teammates and are interested in joining us you are in luck =)



Laís França

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