Mine two failures

I’m stuck, yes for the first time I’ve started feeling that i’m going to end up soon. I’ve done hundreds of mistakes in my whole life, but no mistake unlike these two have done this much destruction. My whole life has been no less than a joke, a fat guy with weird thoughts in mind competing world. I never competed this world the way I always wanted to. Life has been a story of sadness and regrets. I had no aim or a friend, these helped me to destroy myself. Everyone in my classroom at least had an aim while the fat guy who loved to watch National Geographic TV had it’s interests shifted from one to another.

The first one, actually the major one that is chasing me everywhere, really a great one! I didn’t score good in my ninth grade. For some it may be a minor one but for me, it’s a great disaster! My good friends were leaving the school, leaving the ones who loved to make fun of others. So, it was a nightmare for me, I knew i’m going to die. A friend of mine told me a way to escape this thing, it was going to another school and leaving this one. I did this, unfortunately things didn’t go well as I always wanted to be. The other school wasn’t good at all, I had to flee back to my past school, my school.

The second one, the present one. Yep, I didn’t learn from the first one. I know I should have learnt a lesson, God knows why I didn’t! Let’s began a sad story, a sad, sad, one. I moved to the college with those bad ninth grade scores, impacting my other scores ultimately. I knew God gave me another chance, he wanted me to get back to the right path. But I didn’t. I had all my interest laid in technology. So, I wanted to study that with great dedication. Me and my dad were on parallel ways, parallel ways never meet each other. Unwillingly I was made to study what I never wanted, after sometime I realized that this thing is cool too. But it was too late, too, too late. I didn’t get a good score again, yes again.

These days i’m having sleepless nights with thoughts storming into my mind of darkness ahead being an ultimate failure and all this continues.

At the end of the day, it’s just me alone in the darkness. Walking lonely into unknown streets of an unknown city. Sometimes, I think that I should become a real time Sherlock Holms and start working hard for real.

The only way that can save me from being a disgrace.

We all should learn from our mistakes, making it sure that they never happen again!
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