Aequo — Color And Nourishment Hand-In-Hand

Aequo Color For Men and Women- by ERIC FAVRE

Aequo hair color is one of its kind hair colors that is always desired among product-conscious people. The all-natural Aequo hair color comes with a color fixing shampoo, regenerative hair mask, and a reconstructive serum spray formulated with organicingredients. It is formulated with all the nutrients that are good for the hair. With Aequo, the color and nourishment go hand-in-hand. You won’t be compromising on anything, be it color, tone or texture.


The shampoo stops hair breakage and favors hair growth. The mask and serum let the color stay longer, moisturize and strengthen the hair for a perfectly smooth finish. It contains active natural ingredients like Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil, Wheat Protein, linseed and Sunflower extracts. The complete hair color package enriches your hair from within. So you get softer, fuller and perfectly color-toned hair that is 3 times stronger!

Aequo Range of Colors That last long!

1N Aequo Color Just in Rs- 761 by ERIC FAVRE

You can have a whole new range of exciting colors that you would crave to wear. Aequo Color for Men and Women are available in a wide variety of colors — Jet Black, Blackish Brown, Medium Brown, Onyx Brown, Café Brown, Golden Brown, Truffle Brown, light Golden Brown, Café Cream Blonde, Cream Brulee Blonde, Golden Champagne, Saffron Gold, Golden Brown, Coffee Brown, Golden Coffee Brown and Crème Brown. These are the different shades that are created to suit and match with all sorts of hair and skin types. You may pick the one that suits you the best. In case, you are already bored of that same old look and are willing to get a nice makeover, you can try them out.

Cosmetic Technology From Nature’s Umbrella

Product For Aequo Color

The cosmetic technology takes a front leap when is developed under nature’s umbrella. Based on this fact, the Aequo Hair Color is developed to suit your scalp by 100%. Although, many hair treatment products are making good in the market, yet one is not sure about their credibility about how safe they are. Aequo Color Men is so safe to use that it can also be used on facial hair like Beard, and Moustache. The Aequo Color for Women pampers their hair the way they want. With a wide range of most desirable hair colors and texture, they can set perfect trends for others to follow. Besides this, the hair gets a nice coating without any fear of having allergies or side effects. Aequo is absolutely organic and is safe to use, so you have no worries and no fear while you get set for the wonderful look!