When all else fails, look at the data. Actually, always check the data. Day 10 of 90.

That’s me. Checking the “data” . . . like the title of the article says, okay?

There are a few things I remember from business school. Quantitative Methods was my favorite class, attractive men in New Era fitted caps are distracting, and data is important.

For this post though, the most important observation in all that is >> DATA IS IMPORTANT. If you can read it and interpret it, it will make you a smarter marketer, a better salesperson, and super importantly . . . able to serve your customers much, much better.

Oh, and for my people using MailChimp, Paul Jarvis just made something new for you in terms of data . . . boom . . . you’ll thank me later.

I’ll tell you what happened . . . so you can understand where this is coming from.

I launched a program/experience last month called Get Your First Sale Already. I had several days of live workshops (for free — for people who couldn’t or didn’t want to invest in the full program) that covered specific things within the larger program, then the ability to buy the full program (two challenges, the workshop recordings, additional tutorials, etc.) that went along with it.

The price moved from $99 to $249 during the sales period for this experience. And, a couple hundred amazing humans invested their hard-earned dollars with me. The course made over $20,000 during the week it was on sale.



Something interesting happened today. I sent out an email to a good percentage of my overall contacts . . . over 41,000 people . . . and re-mentioned the course, plus reminded everyone about a free course I have available.

And, the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while happened.

4 additional people purchased the course.


Now, to be fair, this is the same course that over 200 people already purchased, but I was truly baffled at only 4 sales.

We’re being honest in this 90-day series, right?

If you want shiny glitter and sparkling sales figures, and only smiles, there are a few Instagram accounts I can recommend. That’s not what I’m doing here today. Or ever.

I was a little deflated/confused this evening at only 4 additional sales (because I have major goals of things I want to build this year), which my very intelligent and perceptive housemate, Verick, sensed.

In my head:

My days of being able to deliver what people need are over.
People are SO over me.
I’ll never be able to start the Woman Up Club™.
I’m a failure. Why did they ever let me be a real person in the real world?

In Verick’s head:

Common sense.

First he helped me by pointing out two major things that could have caused this:

1. People might be really confused about buying from you because you’re trying to make so much stuff free in the future.
Of course, I know you wouldn’t release something then turn around and offer it for free a few days later, but maybe they don’t know that.
2. The number of people who invested with you is not 4. Hundreds of people bought this challenge/program, 4 is the number of people who purchased today.

Then he helped me by turning on his MBA brain that wasn’t deflated and confused like mine was:

You know what I’m going to say, right?

And I did know. He was going to say the same thing he always (intelligently) says whenever we approach decisions, new product ideas, and sales . . .

Look at the data.

So tonight — and who knows how this will turn out — but I’m sharing the ACTUAL behind-the-scenes movements with you . . .

Tonight we turn to the data.

We started an hour or two ago, and will likely be up all night.

See, I have a special co-working/brainstorming session that I want to offer to people — it’s a version of the idea I shared on Day 5 of this journey, but we want to make sure the offer goes to the right people in the right way.

Since I just sent out what could be considered a “sales email” today, not only do I not want to email tens of thousands of people another sales email this week, but I also want to only offer these sessions/options to people who they are a good fit for.

We pulled data (at Verick’s suggestion) from:

  1. All seven of the workshops I did for free — who attended at least 1? who just registered but didn’t attend andy? who attended only workshops 2 + 3? who attended all 7?
  2. My online school — who purchased the program? what other courses are they a part of?
  3. My email software — who registered for everything? who clicked on the link but didn’t register?
  4. More stuff that he’s still having me pull. He’s nerding out while I’m learning a valuable lesson and creating content.

And with this data, we can send targeted emails:

Hey Jenny,
I saw that you attended the Choose Your Business Model workshop a week ago. Thank you for coming! I’m sure you’re already familiar with the epic and fun business models we built out live . . .
(and more stuff — followed by an offer just for Jenny)

Data is important.

Not only can we send a simple email like this to Jenny, but we can also see how many other courses she’s purchased or attended for free and tailor a pitch or solution even more . . . one that only talks about the things that she will be familiar with or connected to. We know what she wants and needs by the combination of actions she’s taken in my content.

And her “pitch” will be different than John, who attended the same workshop, but also attended the other 6 free workshops in the series.

P.S. This is just one category of data we are pulling. We have tons of opt-in audience magnets, events, and “tags” in my email system that we can learn from . . . and multiple people we can cater to.

When all else fails, look at the data. Actually, always look at the data.

Regina out.
Until tomorrow, human. Day 11 of 90. And hopefully soon, I’ll have some results to report to you on how this data exploration went.

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