Renaming module Imports like a Pro, now with added use-case!

If you’ve come to JavaScript in recent years and are a user of the newer front-end frameworks or libraries like React, import and export will be familiar to you. For those of us who weren't watching the new module syntax being introduced in ES6, you may have just got to…

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So you’re trying to learn JavaScript but are inundated with all the different syntax and ways to program that have evolved over time?

Why is that code littered with backticks? What in the world are these mysterious arrows, they look like someones introduced emoji’s? 3 dots, what the what?


In this article, I give a brief overview of OOP implementation within JavaScript, specifically Objects, Prototypes, and Classes.

Basics — Refreshed

Objects in JavaScript are free-form and mostly don’t follow any structure. Their structure can be best compared to being similar to Map objects in Java, consisting of key-value pairs.

JavaScript objects do…

The important things you can quickly learn to be informed and confident with using and conversing on React Router v4

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What is React Router?

React Router is a client-side router (CSR) for use with React projects (I know, duh right?). It provides routing which is the fancy term for the rendering of different components depending on URL paths within a React web application.

How does one install and use?

Run the following command in your project to save react-router-dom as…

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