“As intentional as the forgetting that follows…”
Liam Hogan

I am sorry but I had to stop reading your article half way through. What a load of nonsense.

Who do you think Conor Mcgregor is ? You are reading way too much into his comments. He is trying to wind up his opponents. He gets away with some of his inappropriate comments because he is a guy people can relate to in many ways and who’s only real agenda seems to be the want to become the best fighter in history.

May weather is a crass, unlike able, woman beater. Simple. Many white ( and black ) people do not like him or give him as much leeway as they would McGregor for his inappropriate comments because of this.

I am sure McGregor has no intention of engaging himself in American racial politics. Why would he?

As for the people of Cork and the confederate flag at gaa matches. Give me a break. Slightly ignorant, possibly but nothing more.

People like you create issues and divert mainstream interaction with genuine societal issues with this high brow academia bullshit.

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