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John, we all generate carbon dioxide pollution because that’s how our technology had developed. Being involved doesn’t deny our right and responsibility to address the known problem that 2.4 million pounds per second (worldwide) enters our singular atmosphere, warming it more than natural for the next hundreds of years, causing needless sea rise, sea death, droughts and super storms.

You’re right. Consumers drive the process and fund it. I’m one. But I now avoid spending fossil fuels directly or indirectly more than I used to because I don’t want to add to our collective problem. I dry my clothes on the line. I intend to vote with my dollars when I upgrade my car or bike to an electric. Electrics waste far less carbon for our transport needs, even when coal plants generate it, and of course, we can get totally clean, reliable, renewable, ethical electricity from the shining sun and the passing wind. Consumers gradually sway the economy, and we should.

Tillerson was the CEO of Exxon and was involved in a half billion dollar deal with Russia to drill the Arctic to hurry that fossil carbon out of the ground and into our air. Exxon used to do decent science on climate change in the 1970’s, but switched in the latter 80’s to deny, confuse, evade, insult and attack those who would slow this planetary catastrophe, no matter the tragic and costly impact to all humanity and life systems for generations to come. This massive assault on life should be denounced and averted.

So for you to call me an idiot for speaking as a citizen of my country and planet because I buy gas seems to try to marginalize and dismiss a single participant of a vast process we all ought to be questioning and changing. The word “idiot” came in part from old Greek democracy. Idiots were those who weren’t involved in the political process, who wouldn’t add their voice to society’s issues and decisions, or who just didn’t care. I’m not stupid (as the word has come to mean) or uninvolved. Your snarky attempt to insult and dismiss my being a citizen shows who is the idiot in this exchange.

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