Cue & A: Tell Us About That Time You Hung Out with a Rockstar
Cuepoint Selections

Because he’s a huge nerd both literally and figuratively, ?uestlove has been reading my blog since I was like 12. I went backstage at a Roots show back in the mid ‘00s. It remains one of the few times I’ve met a “celebrity” to this day. We don’t get a lot of famous people around here.

Backstage, I also ran into Talib Kweli, who gave me the old heave-ho; he said he had to go set up the after party. He didn’t say where it was. I wasn’t sweating hanging out with him, because Talib Kweli. lol jk

Black Thought was off in a corner somewhere, looking like he might have crack to sell, while a group of overly enthusiastic white children who probably now run hip-hop mobbed ?uestlove for autographs. ?uestlove has this fancy autograph thing he does, complete with a drawing of himself.

For some reason, ?uestlove’s mom was there. I think he might have family in St. Louis. His mom stands about 6'2 and was done up like she was going somewhere, or maybe there’d be a nice elderly black gentleman in the audience. (We were the only two black people there who weren’t in the group.)

I told his mom I was a writer, and she said, “Yeah, my son says you’re his favorite writer.”

Fast forward… I don’t know, a few weeks? A year later? This was a long-ass time ago. Several people on Okayplayer accused my colleague Noz of stealing all his ideas for blog posts from Okayplayer.

I went over there to give those assholes a piece of my mind, and would you believe they started attacking me? Though they wouldn’t have wanted to take credit for the kinds of things I was writing back then.

I informed them that I was ?uestlove’s favorite writer, and they didn’t want to believe me. Later, ?uestlove himself chimed in and tried to front like he had no idea who I was, effectively calling his own mom a liar.

I already knew that rappers were full of shit before then, but this strengthened my resolve and helped make me the man I am today.

Happy Mother’s Day