Flight of the Goodbye

Flying to see a goodbye
Short less than a full round
Silenced by construct politeness.

Pain had it’s fill in your heart
meds couldn’t do the part
A life w out movement is not

Getting it I can’t treat myself
To that release usual expected
Cold? No… deeply in shock.

Pushed away by abnormality
Families funky foes — it’s always no
This grandson always play his part.

My motherly substitute co-partner
I can’t thank you enough
My love and your love — we did.

Past future and beyond
Brave you will always remain
First to earn the absents of peace.

Did you let go? Did you fight so?
If I know you as I do
The love highly matched
By your spiced funk.

A smile crosses 
As I imagine you 
Flying around realms
And unknown constructs

If anyone heard your truth
No one would argue
How lost the world is 
With out you in it.

Don’t get me wrong
It all flows on and on
Yet life in this place — For your grandson

It will never be the same.
I love you.

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