Pentagon study declares American empire is ‘collapsing’
Nafeez Ahmed

All this before the Trump-Putin love affair came to light…

The U. S. may have been a joint effort between our military and our trans-global corporations, but that was before we partnered with Russia. So, a timeline of the process can now be reduced to: Supremacy based on the ability to conquer markets, morphing to a coup weakening that supremacy from within, to Putin using the one thing that trumps (pun intended) democracy time and again, and that’s the unbridled greed and impatience of weak leaders.

As Trump bows and scrapes before Putin because of his adolescent understanding and admiration of the bigger bully, that 2020 date mentioned in the article has actually come and gone.

Unless the members of Congress grow some big ones and stop the nonsense, it will be impossible to speak of America and its mighty power as anything other than a thing of the past, like Rome, or 1930s Germany. We are rapidly becoming the triumvirate Russia, US, and Turkey. This is the new threat to China, and to the America that once was…