The Secret To Your Self-Motivation Lies In This Surprising Science-Backed Habit
Elle Kaplan

And Now the Group…

Any explanation that can help eliminate roadblocks to success, especially if the resultant suggestions help throw off biologically imposed restraints, are most welcome.

Those who have an idea for the next killer app, might find being an entrepreneur less stressful if the advice offered in your post is followed.

But what about the impact of the group on our successes? Or, more importantly, how can we consider our own impact on the group when we plot our path to wherever it is we think we want to go?

How can we, as a so-called civilization, reward ourselves when we reduce our carbon foot-print? And, how can the individual reward themselves for effort?

How can we, as the human collective, learn tolerance? Acceptance? Understanding? Conversely, how can we, as individuals, teach tolerance, acceptance, and understanding? Is teaching reward enough?

What are the short term rewards for taking small steps toward a better future? Should we hand out medals? Should we have parades? Give prizes? Without some small payment, even if its just an emotional one, what’s the point?

For the past few years, it seems everywhere I turn, there are schools of thought that will “turn my life around”. Some offer paid guidance. Some are published as books. Others show up daily in reddit, medium, etc. And all focus on the individual. That’s not a bad thing. But it’s not enough.

Here’s my take.

If I were to offer advice for those seeking success, I would ask them (as part of my process for determining their individual strengths and weaknesses), how they show respect or reverence for their local Eco-system. For the planet? Do they feel they fit in or are they estranged?

Do they grow their own food? Do they conserve water? Do they take public transportation when not in a hurry? What is their own bias toward the idea of climate change?

These questions (and many more) should be incorporated into developing a program for individuals, because, whether they are conscious of it or not, their environment plays an important role in shaping their approach to enterprise.

Elle, you have significant number of followers, and most are both respectful and grateful for your posts. I’m one too. However, to differentiate yourself from the other hundreds of people who offer ways and mind-sets that will help achieve success, I suggest considering the Weltanschauung, the world view and how our place in the group, (not apart from it), can either help us or hurt us on our quest(s) whatever that may be.

As always, thank you…