What Women Don’t Say

Change one word…

or phrase at any point in the imagined conversation, and the “Hollywood, happy ever after,” scenario has a chance to manifest. For example:

I’m going to be at the office till (ed. sic) late every single fucking day this month.

Her: “What can I do to help hon?” (I’ll tell him about the senior partner trying to touch my knee later.) “Come on, let’s (let us) figure this out.”

He’s a whining and selfish man and as most mothers know intuitively, when their child needs coddling, its okay to do so if it will stop an escalation of behavior that will be more difficult to correct later.

It’s a sad truth, but wives wear one of the four faces (friend, nurse, mother, whore) more often than not while men are let off easy by wearing only one face; invaluable partner. And of course, there’s rarely such a thing as an invaluable partner.Listen up women. Nothing is going to change until your gender takes charge.



Get to work. I’ll help.