Donald Trump and The Definition of Insanity
Shane Snow


Trump may be broke. It is why he won’t release his taxes. To extricate himself from the yoke of unmanageable debt, he’s made deals with several devils.

Putin’s Russian oligarch pals keep his empire(?) propped up.

The extraction industry will make deals with Trump’s surrogates (read children) and their various enterprises in return for appointing Tillerson Secretary of State.

He’s paying for his Palm Beach “club” Mar Lago, with U. S. taxpayer dollars. He could go to Camp David, for 5 or 10 cents on the dollar, but he doesn’t have a financial interest in Camp David.

And so on.

If any of this goes south, as the saying goes, it is then we have to head down to the bomb shelters. From all that was disclosed in the post above, he’s the kind of bully who will burn down the arena if he can’t play there anymore.