The 10 Greatest Social Media Advertising Tips for Content Marketers
Larry Kim


Larry, for those of us new to the world of social media it can sometimes be confusing to be exposed to so much in such a short article. Here’s a suggestion.

Let’s assume our website is our brand and it is similar to the nucleus of an atom. By that I mean, the rest of the media universe swirls around the nucleus like so many protons.

With this in mind, we can then use Venn diagrams to determine which content is achieving the most overlap and which needs to be tailored for specific nodes (facebook, twitter, etc.).

It would seem the content, whether first run or re-purposed, would then be easier to boost or reduce spending depending upon where it landed within the diagram.

Again, I’m brand (pun intended) new to this world. So, as I read through the article, this diagram approach is what my mind created to visualize your suggestions.

Now, I need to spend the appropriate amount of time with each area you identified, so I am as conversant with that modes functionality as I am with driving a car.

Nice post. Can’t wait to read more of your offerings.