Let’s put a period to the drama
Anjuli Rajprasad

If men only knew…

I cannot imagine a life where I knew, in advance, that at least once each month I would experience debilitating pain or discomfort to any degree. Men are not the stronger sex — period (pun intended).

Because I made a pun doesn’t mean I don’t sympathize with the cycles of life which are uncomfortable for half our human population for half of their life. I am sympathetic.

As a father of daughters, I’ve witnessed one who could not move out of bed during her period’s onset, and one who shrugged her shoulders at the discomfort. Though I professed sympathy, I never ever once came close to empathy.

Maybe we should clamp a vice-like device on post pubescent boys’ testicles for even just one hour a month for two or three years. Then, later in life as they became managers of businesses at all levels, they’d understand and willingly allow women the time they need to deal with difficult physiological events.

And, don’t even get me started on birthing a child.