Don’t leave people behind, says CEO of the Year Stan Bergman
World Economic Forum

Nice words, but…

This acceptance speech is like so many speeches. It is well meaning but lacking real steps we can take as a society to effect change.

Too many leaders, regardless of which segment of our society they come from, offer inspiring words they hope will steer us to a better future, but no thoughts on what the first step should be.

America, before the current de facto partnership with Russia, used to be a beacon of light firmly planted on the dual strengths of economic and military muscle. As a country, we used these strengths to forge strong ties with allies while simultaneously keeping our enemies at bay.

But the Trump/Putin effort to undermine these relationships so Russia can expand both its influence and territories has rent our Western alliances asunder. But I’m not going to use this comment section to further state the obvious.

Instead, I’m going to offer three points of departure for both industry and government to consider.

Our corporate tax rate is too low. Raise it.

This can be done by raising the nominal rate or eliminating all deductions and favorable treatment (corporate welfare).

The increased revenues can be used to rebuild America (whatever that means to you, the reader).

Eliminate both the Electoral College and Congressional Districts.

In order for us to be a true democracy, one that elects officials based on majority vote(s), we need the capability of allowing that to happen.

By eliminating the Electoral College, we come closer to being a majority ruled country.

By eliminating Congressional Districts and voting the current number of capped seats in the House of Representatives proportionate to the population of each state, we then have representatives that more closely resemble the philosophy of each region of our country. There will still be differences and compromises to reach, but those negotiations will be more fair to the majority voters.

Expand Dodd-Frank to include real punishment (prison time) for CEOs and board members who allow the nonsense that has cost the middle class trillions over the past 20 years.

Further, require financial institutions that gamble investor dollars to keep a high percentage local. My ideal split is 1/3 local, 1/3 national, and 1/3 international. What’s your ideal split?

Lastly, I would require all extraction industries to pay a replacement cost for the resources they take (plunder) from the earth whether it is done on American or foreign soil. This will force us to consider the real cost of our life-style.

We need to change.

We need to be inclusive.

We need to tolerate.

I hear these pleas almost hourly as I navigate the various information sources available to all Americans at present (until the FCC overturns net neutrality). What I don’t hear are suggestions as to where we need to start.

I’ve offered mine. I’d like to read yours.