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Racism, by any other name…

The work of white republicans to exclude people of color from any fruits of America’s collective efforts, is racism in its worst carnation. So what’s the cause?

I say it’s biology.

When a tribe senses the pending loss of a secure stronghold on the territory it has conquered, it turns to drastic measures to ensure the “enemy” is kept at bay.

From mass incarceration, to “accidental” poisoning such as happened in Flint, to the prospect of border walls, no stone is left unturned when it comes to protecting the lily-white homeland.

There is no simple solution, either short-term or long-term. Only a redefining of the terms conservative and socialist will change the “great white wall” paradigm. Because changing the way we think about the ongoing us vs. them conflict is the best way to bring a halt to the racist activities that are pervasive and now overt, across the American psyche.

By combining labels, from conservative or socialist, to one of conservative socialism, we lessen the fear associated with one or the other when viewed by opposing political stances.

A socialist is inclusive and not anti-social. To support the idea of socialism does not mean one wants the government to “own” everything. It means the government is the net upon which all can rely when disaster strikes an individual or a community.

A conservative is frugal and does not want to waste capital. If people who claim the title of conservatism are called out, we’d find that waste is the least of their concerns.

And the press is complicit.

By continuing to cover the body politic with reporters presenting point/counterpoint actions as warfare does no one argument justice. If a republican has a valid argument it’s obfuscated by the label; conservative

If a democrat has a valid argument, it too is obfuscated by the reporter suggesting it’s a socialist argument.

So the press needs to report information without the vitriol needed to keep eyeballs glued to the screen or ears tuned to the radio. Again, the press is as much to blame for the great ideological chasm the rules the airwaves as any social activity.

To change biological behavior requires changing the bio-mindset extant.

To define a new goal for American citizens is to argue that being inclusive and not wasting resources (including tax-payer dollars) will create a stronger country. To do so may be as simple (or complex) as changing the way each of us clings to an ideological platform.

If one takes the descriptive word behind each of the cabinet secretaries titles such as education, commerce, justice, etc., the new way of thinking (the conservative socialist approach) could bring about a spirit of co-operation. But it will take a concerted effort by community leaders, celebrities, academics, and the press to effect the change of attitude.

Until that spirit infuses the populous and their elected representative(s), we’ll continue to have a winners and losers approach to America’s contribution to civilization (or its downfall).