The opposite of the early adopter has a name, and it isn’t kind
Stephanie Buck


Because I’d rather walk through a forest, looking in all directions to see what a beautiful world I live in has to offer, I’m a laggard?

Because I’d rather listen to the busker at the corner train station than pay Apple for over-produced pop music, I’m a laggard?

Because I’d rather meet friends at my neighborhood pub, or coffee shop, and discuss the multi-verse, or the nature of perception, than follow some one on Twitter, I’m a laggard?

How about another category? How about a category that would satisfy those of us who’d rather bask in the light of a real world, not one filled with electronic artifice?

How about we call every member of the above stated categories dullards; people who have lost (or never had) the ability to live socially, to share a room with both like-minded and dissimilar peoples, how about we call you folks dullards. Because every time I see one of you idiots with your face buried in a screen as you use your “bounce off any wall” navigational skills, that’s what comes to mind.

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