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Spoiled, Lazy, and Lacking Imagination

First — I’m a white male. To read charts that show trends of increased death from many causes that don’t manifest in healthy societies, is disturbing. But not because I feel threatened for my kind. To the contrary…

There are and have been jobs everywhere for people without a college degree. During the Dakota’s job boom, pay was exorbitant for even menial labor. But were people in areas affected by lost jobs/wages willing to travel there. No. They sat at home waiting for the white knight of jobs creation to ride into town and save their lazy asses.

Before that, there was job growth in high technology manufacturing in three major geographical areas: The Bay Area, The Northeast, and the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, not to mention the concomitant opportunities in real estate, construction, and other businesses associated with regional population growth. The word was out. People across the planet knew and migrated there in droves. So what happened to the lazy ass white whiners. Why didn’t they show up. The reasons are complex of course, but the primary reason is they ignored the lessons of their ancestry.

When the Puritans (whites) felt the noose of persecution tightening, they set sail to the New World, where they established colonies that prospered.

When the potato famine devastated Ireland, the people (whites) did whatever they had to in order to secure passage to the new world where they settled, prospered, and raised families.

When the dust storms of the early 20th Century and the resultant foreclosures of farms and homesteads (owned by whites) crushed opportunity, there resulted a mass migration to the West Coast where communities were established and prosperity was once again afforded.

But those lessons are not the exclusive domain of whites, nor of humans for that matter (think of the spread or migration of bio-diverse organisms during tough times).

When African slaves became African Americans, many migrated from the repressive South and found jobs in the new manufacturing areas stretching across the upper Mid-West.

When Castro took over, Cubans migrated to Florida and established a foot-hold so strong, you may as well call Miami… North Havana.

And so on.

In physics, we learn that the universe is in constant flux. The same can be said for the state of human civilization across the globe. There is no return to the way things were “way back when”. Things change. But the rules of survival don’t.

To prosper, you first have to survive. To survive you have to be strong. To be strong, you may need to move away from decay to an area of growth. So…

Stop whining, get off the couch, take classes (even if you have to borrow money to educate yourself in a new field) and get back to work. But for goodness sake, stop feeling entitled. You’re not.