Business Must Lead.
John Battelle

The 7 Pillars of Wisdom…

I would add three more “pillars” for discussion.

First, Women. I think each panel should have 50% representation of women. Women’s issues - equal pay, global access to education, motherhood and mother’s rights, male expectations, and the impact of war on families - should be as important as all other issues, if not more so.

Second, Labor. How can the yoke of modern slavery be removed from worker’s shoulders and should worker’s be entitled to a share of profits equal to that of shareholders? To speak of enterprise, without considering workers and worker rights, will not change a thing.

Third, Education. Without an educated citizenry, the rest of the world will continue to leave the American intellectual quotient in the dust. We must educate, not only in STEM subjects, but the arts, personal growth, and any subjects which can help engender an empathetic populace are musts going forward.

Thanks for letting us participate in suggesting subjects.