Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

The blame is not with the few…

When the many are repressed by the few, as you indicate, the blame should be laid squarely on the shoulders of the many. Here’s why.

I receive 20 to 50 different e-mails each day, most of which are asking for my signature or my dollar. But each email is a plea to keep the sender in business.

Oh, I know the folks at Greenpeace, or at the ACLU are well meaning, but I’ve yet to receive one e-mail from a democrat, a republican, an independent, or a spokesperson for the Green Party that asks for a coalition to be built, one that would amass millions, not hundreds or thousands of names into a force to effect change.

Greenpeace wants me to know they put up a banner.

Planned Parenthood wants me to know of facility closings in the South.

Daily Kos wants me to know how stupid our leader(s) is/are (as if I couldn’t figure it out myself).

These pleas for assistance are also capitalism at work. Promising much, but delivering little (a big Mac of social activism).

The only thing that will crush the “capitalist” pigs (in reality it’s an oligarchy) is to take away their treasury. The only way to do that is to lay siege to their businesses (stop buying their shit) until their stock prices begin a precipitous fall, one that scares the bajeezus out of the many board members, and THAT WILL GET THEM ON THE PHONE TO WASHINGTON so fast, our heads will spin.

They have tanks. We don’t.

They have media. We don’t.

They make laws. We don’t.

They have a Central Bank to get cheap money to finance their agenda. We don’t.

But, we are not defenseless.

So, rather than write clever words that prove you know what’s going on, I suggest you begin forming a group.

The group will be small at first. But by extracting a promise from each new member joining to immediately work to bring in two more new members, within a week or a month, you’ll have amassed 10M plus like-minded persons.

That’s strength in numbers that can stop tanks.

That’s strength in numbers that can get air time.

That’s strength in numbers that can make laws.

And that’s strength in numbers that can borrow money.

But most importantly, that’s strength in numbers that can wrest control from the greedy and begin acting on behalf of the many.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING else will work.