How Long Does America Have?
umair haque

The image says it all…

This is one of your better posts. I am not knocking your past efforts as I’ve read many, but it seems as if you gave this post thought (or found an editor).

Now to the idea(s) presented.

The path America seems to be on is the path of many countries besides Russia and Turkey who are on the path to a more authoritarian approach to governance.

Japan wants a military for more than defense of the homeland.

Brazil and Venezuela are in the throes of drastic change.

Great Britain wants out of membership in the EU.

And so on…

But there’s hope.

In the long view, countries will cease to exist. The citizens of the planet are too connected to think like Japan of the 19th Century. The choice then becomes who shall rule: Corporations or Citizens?

For corporations, with their treasuries of cash in the trillions of dollars, the battle for control of the human race has already begun. Oh sure, it appears as if Apple, HSBC, GE, WalMart, Bayer, and Amazon, are benign in their efforts to get favorable tax law implemented. But for every dollar that goes to their coffers, that’s a dollar taken away from infrastructure repair. And that’s just the tip of a very big iceberg.

So what to do?

The one power citizens have over governments and corporations, is the power of the many.

If 10M persons stop shopping at WalMart, the board will demand action from local, state, and federal elected officals.

If 10M people trade in their Amazon Prime membership, the board will demand action.

So it goes.

The only way, and I’ll repeat this until I’m blue in the face, to stop madness is to stop access to the treasury.

Boycotting, one, two, or twelve giant meg-conglomerates by 10s of millions of persons will start to bring the pendulum back toward the power resting with the many and not the few.

In America, while we still have access to the internet, this needs to start now. Once the ball is rolling, the rest of the world will pick up on it, and things will start to change.

But if complacency continues to weigh down the efforts of the many, not just America, but the entire world will descend into chaos.