What to do if no one reads what you write.
Shaunta Grimes

You’re a Brave Soul, Shaunta Grimes…

First off, you’re not obese. You may have been 100 lbs. ago, but you changed that and can no longer be called anything but overweight. Welcome to America.

I would add one suggestion (only because it works for me). Write what you want to read and don’t worry about what you think the vast readership on the web is waiting for with long held breath.

If you want to write about the use of a carpenter’s tool, do it.

If you want to write about the time you pulled your sister’s hair, do it.

If you want to write about your own take on the sorry state of global affairs, do it.

There is a voice in our heads that tells us truth if we listen. And, no matter what it is telling you to write, there is an audience for your thoughts.

Then I would pay attention to all the other excellent suggestions you posted.

When I write for myself, and I like what I’ve written, I feel a sense of accomplishment and a heightened sense of self worth.

Lastly, you’re absolutely correct about no one paying attention. I used to call it the fart in the elevator event.

Whether it was you or some other rider in the elevator’s car, that broke wind, no one, and I mean no one, remembers it a few months later. Who cares.

And again, thanks for the post. I’ll now go read your post about blogging and quora results for a month’s effort.